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Asia Illustrations Collections 2019 - Open For Registration!

What is Asia Illustration Collections: The Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, held every year all over Asia, has grown into an enormous event in the illustration industry. It is a grand spectacle that has been receiving superb reviews all around the world. The 2018 Asia Annual Illustration Awards will see the winners have their artwork displayed in Songshan Cultural and Creative Park. If your entry is chosen as a winner for the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards, then you work will be displayed on a grand platform where it will lead to your recognition as an illustrator to rise. We are looking forward to your participation in the Asia Illustrations Annual Awards and to see your outstanding pieces of artwork be seen worldwide!

The Asia Illustrations Annual Awards is a project to create overseas culture, operated by the Asia Illustrations Association.
Starting in 2014, we have enlisted illustrations from many countries around the world every year. Over 250 creators have represented th…

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